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Currently, the downtown of the city of Medellin is under urban renovation, and with it flourishes a project that gives a new air to the place where everything begun. AIANA VERDE is the first sustainable building in Medellin’s downtown. This project has been thought to give life to a surrounding ecosystem made of concrete  and paints n with green tones. It has a strategic location that invites you to return and focus your life on what is really important, a better future in which dreams and projects come true!




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A low carbon future is possible thanks to projects that understand the environment and the importance of responsible utilization and use of natural resources.

We invite you to focus and be part of a project where:

There will be savings up to 40% on water consumption.
There will be savings up to 20% on energy consumption of common areas.
There will be savings up to 50% on energy consumption of apartments.
80% of generated residues won’t end on the landfill.
There will be a reduction in the emission of 67 Ton of CO2 per month.

Sustainability, mobility and passion, highlight a project we want you to be part of.

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Estructura edificio sostenibleProyecto edificio sostenible


Promoter Group

We are a group made up by passionate engineers and professionals trained in all sectors with a common goal: “A low carbon, sustainable future”. To achieve our goal, we integrate knowledge and passion to accomplish urbanistic development processes and truly sustainable buildings.


“We are a team focused in a low carbon future, and this is what has motivated us to develop projects with all the sustainable guidelines that respect the life, nature and the environment, and also that implement processes and technologies that improve the quality life of all people, integrating them with the environment and the history of the place, and inviting the to be part of it’s transformation.” EXERGY


                                                                                              “What move us to develop architecture with high environmental performance. From the emotion, by allowing us the surprise incited for the nature to explore the people inclusion. From the cognition, using the know-how according to the balance between people and territory. From the conative, because the building process requires, as impetus, the environmental regeneration of our habitat.” A111 ARQUITECTURA

Abril & Asoc.

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